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Wooden Boxes with slide lids

Slide lid box is one the most welcomed box design. In the inside top of three walls of box, there are grooves cut, box lid is inserted into the groove, the lid can be open and closed freely by push the handle on it, there is no hinge or catch needed for slide lid box thus the box is totally made of wood. There are flat slide lid box and not flat slide lid box. When lid closes, surface of flat lid box is totally flat, just like WGB311 shows. WGB312 is a kind of standard slide lid box. Slide lid design is good for small or middle size boxes. If large box, the wide lid tends to get bent over time.

Slide lid wooden boxes   Lift off lid wooden boxes   Hinged lid wood boxes
wooden boxes slide lid box slide lid box
WGB311-oak finish wooden box WGB312-varnish wooden box WGB313-varnish gift box
slide lid wooden boxes wooden gift box with slide lid wooden box
WGB314-nested wooden boxes WGB315-natural pine box WGB316-print logo wooden box
pine wood box wooden slide lid boxes black wooden gift boxes
WGB317-natural pine box WGB318-print logo box WGB319-slide lid box in black
slide lid wooden gift box wooden gift boxes wooden slide lid
WGB320-acryl lid wooden box WGB321-natrual wooden box WGB322-slide lid box natural