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Wooden Boxes with lift off lids

Lif off lid, one of the most popular box lid design, widely adopted in making boxes. It is simple and easy for handling. Lift off lid normally in inter locking style, so the lid will integrate with bottom very well. Same as slide lid box, there is no mental hardware installed in lift off lid boxes. Shortage of lift off lid is that the lid itself can not stick to bottom firmly as hinged lid or slide lid. Occasionally, wood lid can drop off itself.
Below are some typical lift off lid gift boxes for your reference.

Slide lid wooden boxes   Lift off lid wooden boxes   Hinged lid boxes
wooden boxes lift off lid wooden box wooden box natural finish
WGB211-stain finish box WGB212-natural paulownia box WGB213-removable divider box
nested wooden box nesting wooden box lift off wooden boxes
WGB214-nested paulownia box WGB215-nested wood box WGB216-Inner lined box
wooden box wooden box lift off lid gift boxes
WGB217-round wood box WGB218-round wooden box WGB219-round wood box
wooden box wooden box wood box
WGB220-burn logo box WGB211-fixed divider box WGB212-lift off lid box